Sunday, November 14, 2010

They're done!

I finished the longies yesterday! Finally! They are, indeed, much too large for the Beast. The Imp can wear them and has plenty of room to grow. You live, you learn - right?

The colors in the first photograph aren't great - the light was fading but I felt compelled to take a picture anyway. The rest are from today. The older boys are outside with B (who has likely taken much better pictures with his phone than I did with my camera).

So now that they're done, I need your help - how best should I take care of them? I'm fairly certain that the reason our previous longies (that I bought on Etsy) didn't work out so well is because I used too much lanolin. Here in the land of Are-You-Crazy?!-It's-Too-Hot-And-We-Don't-Wear-Wool I've had very little luck with getting reasonable answers. I was once told to use some combination of baby soap, lukewarm water, and a tube of lanolin. I can't find any wool wash locally and am totally lost. Help!


  1. Those are adorable!! I love baby bottoms in their longies!!! I have a few pairs for my son and I usually hand wash them in warm water and Eucalan. I only use a small cap full (maybe a teaspoon or two) in a sink of water. Can you get Eucalan over there? I'll send you some if you can't!

  2. Maria: according to the Eucalan website I should be able to find it at a local yarn shop that I've never been to. We don't get across town often, but I'll check it out next time we're there - about what price should I be expecting? The website says that I don't have to rinse it? That sounds spectacular!

    Oh. And warm water - like baby bath warm? I take scorching hot showers so my sense of temperature is totally shot. (:

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. eep. i got my stone today. you are so clever...i love it.

  4. Knitting is always a learning experience and you did great! They are absolutely adorable!!! As for the care, you only need about a pea size drop of lanolin for one pair. I've never used Eucalan (waaaayy too expensive for me) so I can't attest to it's effectiveness. Here's a really great link on how to wash with lanolin:)

  5. Oh my goodness, such talent you have!!! I saw your stone over at Gardenmama's and it really stood out to me...clever! And then seeing these longies. Well done, I'll be back to visit when i have more time.
    xo Jules

  6. So cute. If not for the baby at least it was fun to make and see on a toddler.
    I also rember seeing your stone over at Gardmama.
    Love the ideas on your blog.

  7. Liz: Would you mind of I emailed you with some questions? I can't for the life of me think of them at the moment, but I know I had a mess of them. (:

    Jules: Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with those stones. And now my oldest wants me to felt his entire rock collection! *falls over*

    Luisa: The way I figure it, the baby will grow into them eventually. Thanks for the compliments! (:

  8. So adorable!!
    Congrats on the finish!
    I love them.