Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've gotten things done! It's amazing!

First up are the tree stumps for the "Waldorf stocking stuffer" swap through a Yahoo group. I was going to head to the post office today but it just never happened.

I've had moments of self doubt - thinking that they aren't good enough. That people won't like them. That I should have done something different, something more. Oh well.

Next is a swap organized by Jen of Sewn Natural and MommaRae. I wanted to find something that represented North Florida in fall and winter. The trouble is that aside from slightly cooler weather (sometimes) and less mosquitoes (if we're lucky), there isn't a lot to distinguish them from spring and summer.

First I wanted to knit little butterflies that would look vaguely like Monarchs since they migrate through here. But that seemed to flop. My next thought was of all the faerie rings of mushrooms that pop up in the fall. So I whipped up a knitted and felted mushroom. I have a deep desire to make a whole forest of these now.

My third idea was a tin of calendula salve. As the weather cools my skin dries out and I practically (okay, not really) bathe in this stuff. I'm embarrassingly proud of how the labeling turned out.

Aside from those, I've worked on the longies a bit and finally found the bottom of the hamper. Whee!


  1. Love that knitted felted mushroom! S.

  2. Oh I too love the mushroom. Do you make the Calendula Salve yourself? And would you mind sharing the recipe if you do? Heating with a woodstove the whole family's skin is so dry.

    Blessings, Elizabeth