Monday, July 12, 2010

New loves.

Last weekend I made my own granola. I'd been wanting to try to make my own and this post by 5 Orange Potatoes gave me the push I needed. The thing is, though, that I don't like dried fruit. No raisins, coconut, cranberries, cherries. Ick. I really don't like fruity granola.

Okay, you know what? I wrote the above on.. Saturday? Friday night, maybe? It's Monday. Have I lost my train of thought? A bit.

Let's sum up the granola, shall we? I made granola. I looked at a mess of recipes and concocted my own basic one. It was oats, peanuts, olive oil, honey, and brown sugar. It didn't turn out particularly clumpy or crispy. However, a week later I'd finished it all off and was quite happy with it - even if it was too peanuty. So yesterday I made another batch based on the above posted recipe. Only I left out all the stuff I didn't have or didn't like. The bulk of it was oats, sunflower kernels, chopped up peanuts, and wheat bran. It's clumpier, but still not exactly crispy. I think I'll add some puffed rice next time for crispiness. I haven't had any in milk yet, though I have been snacking on it.

Last week we watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie for the first time. I've watched it at least a dozen times since. I've always loved all things Alice. Did you know that Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and I share a birthday? That has always pleased me.

This weekend I went on a baking/cooking binge. Every weekend I make meals for the week and freeze them. This time I made more "big" dishes than usual. Cincinnati chili, stuffed peppers, the aforementioned granola, some peanut/tahini sauce for pasta that B's boss recommended for the kids, hummus, peanut butter, and oatmeal peanut butter cookies. I was going to make bread but just couldn't be bothered.

I've had too many interruptions with this post. I can't focus so I think I'll just draw this one to a close and attempt a more.. coherent post later - complete with pictures and a surprise!


  1. your post makes me smile. :) i make my granola relatively *plain* these days, too. some members of my family like raisins....lots of raisins, some like it plain, some like fresh fruits and berries, so i make a basic batch and let everybody add what they want.

    alice in wonderland...i am disappointed that i did not get myself to a theater to see this in 3-d! will i still love it at home? i know i will as i adore alice, johnny depp, and tim burton.

  2. Momma Rae: I'm the only one who eats granola here, so it's all mine!mine!mine! Well, that's not true. Sometimes the Imp steals bites of my cereal.

    I've never watched a movie in 3D and I don't think I ever will. Oh wait. I lie. There was some little movie at the Atlanta Aquarium that was in 3D - can you see how much of an impression it made on me? (:

    I thought the movie was awesome. Obviously. I deeply enjoyed how dark it was. But that's what you expect from any Burton film. If you love Johnny Depp - have you seen Dead Man? It's one of the lesser known movies he was in, but it was great.

  3. I don't like post interruptions.
    Well, when it's following a thought, anyway. When it's pics of the day and list-style, that's okay.
    AND I don't like fruity granola, either. Maybe a couple of raisins.