Friday, July 9, 2010

Mushroom House the Second

When I took my first mushroom house to my father's to show off at his birthday party, my youngest niece expressed some desire to have one of her own. And with her own birthday coming up (it's today, in fact), how could I say no?

My youngest niece is a girly girl. She loves pink and purple - all things fairy and princess. I had a mess of wool that I'd dyed when I'd first started playing around with colors. It seemed that a whorl of pinks and purples would be perfect for a girly mushroom. I'd contemplated putting pink spots on it. Do you think I should have?

I didn't have any more of the wonderful green wool yarn left, so instead of vines I added grass to the bottom of the house. It's hard to see in the pictures but there are little blue flowers sprinkled about.

It isn't perfect and I'm not 100% happy with it. Still, I think it's serviceable. My sister (her mother) said that the dolls she was likely to use with it were about four or five inches tall. I hope that the doorway isn't too large. I just wanted to make sure that her toys would be able to fit inside.

I hope she likes it. We'll find out tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Gorgeous!
    How did you colour the cap?

  2. twolittleseeds: I made the core out of undyed wool and then layered on my random dyed stuff. I dyed bits of roving using kool-aid and food coloring (though not the two together). I'd dyed some playsilks with kool-aid and thought to give the wool a go - it works well.

    Mostly, when I need a color I dye a small amount of my roving in the kitchen and hope it turns out. Often times it does not. After many failed attempts at brown I gave in and bought some. I use food safe dyes because I can't be bothered to keep separate equipment. (:

    Did that answer your question? My brain is a bit out of sorts today.

  3. Yeah I understand you, I love it, so cute! x

  4. Hello Melissa

    Thank you for poping by and recommending the books. I shall be seeking them out soon. Its been cold here and there is nothing better than to sit near the fire and read..adding a little romance to that is like the cherry on the cake. i love your Mushroom house.

    A happy day to your little brood...Glad to see you like to breastfeed in public. I did it too. For many years.

    Warm regards

  5. I really love the dyeing, and the little flowers are so cute! I bet she'll love it. I'm trying to make my own niece a birthday present and am behind...better get to it! :)

  6. Oh I think it is delightful, do pop over and check out my latest interview,love and light Marie