Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison

This book was sent to me by the lovely simon_saysuk.

The Thirteen Treasures is about a girl named Tanya and her ability to see faeries. She is forced to stay with her grandmother in a moldering old house surrounded by woods that are rife with faeries and magic. There isn't much I can say about the details without giving too much away.

At first I was disappointed with this book. It sounded so much like a Holly Black (author of Tithe and The Spiderwick Chronicles) ripoff that I wasn't sure I'd be able to read it objectively. And then I began to see hints of Raymond Feist's Faerie Tale. That's when it occurred to me that the realm of Faerie is going to sound similar no matter what book one reads. Once I accepted that I began to enjoy the book for itself. I'm fairly certain that the book is meant for young audiences (young adult, I mean). Near the end there are twists and turns that I didn't see coming and made the overall story much more enjoyable. However, the end seemed rushed, forced, cut off almost. I know there is meant to be a sequel so that is probably the rational behind the abrupt ending. I look forward to reading the next book when it comes out. I'd like to think it will continue with Red rather than Tanya.

When this book comes out in paperback in the United States, I'm going to buy it as a birthday gift for my oldest niece. I think she'll enjoy it.

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