Friday, January 20, 2017

Work in progress

This is how I've been spending my time for the past couple of days.

Once upon a time I told the Elf that I wanted him to make an animation for this song for my birthday. I have a fairly specific way that I see the majority of it in my head whenever this song comes up on my playlist. Long story short, my birthday is next week and he hasn't done it (no judgment or blame, merely a statement of fact). So I decided to try my hand at it (after all, I'm not the one doing all the actual schoolwork and seem to have much more free time than he does). This scene is a small part of what I'm trying to do. And yes, I'm insane for trying something this detailed for my into to animation. That said, anyone who knows me should know that I never do things the smart/easy way.

For anyone who cares I'm using Gimp for the artwork and plan to use either Pencil2D or Synfig for the actual animation.
I've been away from this space for a whole mess of reasons. Perhaps I'm back for real this time. Perhaps not. In either case, this is the new-old me. I still homeschool but am unlikely to be amongst the Waldorf crowd. I still knit and crochet (and presumably spin, though I haven't in a long time) but it's no longer the all consuming thing it once was. I'm much more likely to be playing video game, watching anime, reading books, listening to music on Spotify, watching Twitch streams, or taking on overly ambitious projects like this one.


And now back to work!

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