Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Breaking my long internet silence (anyone still out there?), looking for advice. I'm trying to come up with a reading list for a soon-to-be twelve year old. The internet is a wide and varied place and I'm having a hard time reconciling things like Twilight being on many of the lists I'm finding.

The life update: Everyone is fine. We're all still here and kicking. This fall I'm going to start officially homeschooling the Imp and Beast. Add to that the Elf's preteen hormonal.. baggage. Life has been... busy.

I'm here, I read blogs, I escape into video games to retain sanity. Not a great deal of crafting has been happening and I've been terrible about keeping in touch with people. I'm afraid that's just going to be the nature of things until I find some footing in the rocky adventure of parenting.


  1. I'm here, I'm here! I am so happy to see YOU here. I have wanted to call/ write, but haven't wanted to intrude, but I've thought of you often.
    Okay, a book list...Twilight is on a child's reading list? Hug, that's kind of sad. Have you ever looked at Ambleside Online? There are some wonderful booklists there. Also, request a Sonlight Catalog, even if you don't buy anything, their book lists are amazing.
    Let me know if I can help in any way. T.

  2. Oh, I see I typed hug instead of huh, that's funny.

  3. Oh I will second looking at the AO books lists...
    my kids have also been really enjoying many of the books from the newer Kelpies publishing house
    we discovered their books through MeadowSweet Naturals when we were buying school supplies last year.

  4. This series has been popular with a particular 11 year old in my house as has this one and this one

    Just learned about the author Ellen Raskin today, and so am eager to read this book with my boy, too

    Meanwhile, I am personally looking forward to the release of this


  5. forgot to mention -- little mr. read some interesting books as part of his social studies & language arts curriculum last year. some of the books were tied to historical events and others were read just because they're interesting books: The Watsons go to Birmingham, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, Bud not Buddy, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Bridge to Terabithia, Sign of the Beaver, & Because of Winn Dixie. There's also The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis which I read a few years ago.