Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life in pictures

Things have been rough around here. Emotional crap and losing faith in my own abilities. This is me not wanting to complain - have some pictures instead.

Sweater for the Imp's birthday. Ravelry notes here.

Two months worth of Phat Fiber sample tags. So much stamping.

Feral mama cat. We're at our wits end with these cats. They aren't adjusting and we can't keep them locked up much longer. We can't get them fixed if we can't touch them to get them into a cat box. It's.. ugh. It's part of the frustration.

Finally finished spinning for the Nerd-along with Hobbledehoy. Ravelry notes here.


  1. hugging you mama, that yarn is gorgeous!!! it's cooler here now so my cardi is out and being worn daily, makes me smile and think of you everytime I put it on x

  2. I love seeing all your beautiful fiber works Melissa, you have been busy.
    I hope you are smiling today, I love you and life is good!

  3. hang in there. Ask the vet what to do. The first sweater is beautiful! Love the colors!

  4. that yarn is so pretty! the sweater awesome. so sorry about the cat (and the crap, that is never okay)take good care. xxxxxx

  5. oh i hope the crappiness thrown your way has passed!

    and the nacho loves the sweater, he says it's Captain America's sweater ;-)