Saturday, May 18, 2013

A good mail day!

I meant to post this.. Thursday? I'm really not on the ball this week.

Check out this all of this loot! My dear friend sent an unbirthday package for me and the boys: spinning tops, monster finger puppets, and yummy chocolate (not pictured because I hid it away immediately). The high speed whorl and fiber I ordered got here two days early. And the super fun EyeCanArt kit that I won from Nicole's giveaway. Also a book to review for LibraryThing! Yay!

Today I've been doing this:

It will eventually be combined to make "Master Chief" batts.

More exciting news? I ordered my first ever Phat Fiber Sample Box! How will we celebrate this? With the vanilla frosted brownie cake the Beast requested, of course! Speaking of, I should get started on the mini apple pies for B and myself.


  1. well aren't you a lucky duck? Great present and for an unbirthday it's even better :)

  2. Happy Unbirthday! That batt looks beautiful - do you have plans for it?

    1. I figure that I'll just end up spinning it up. I've been following the Phat Fiber Ravelry community. They have themed sampler boxes every month. This month was super heroes. So I thought I'd play along despite not being a contributor. So Master Chief is my super hero. (:

      Next month is villans. I've already started a batt for the "big bad" from the most recent Halo game to go with this one. (: