Thursday, December 23, 2010

Infant arm warmers!

Well, I finished the arm warmers/fingerless gloves for the Beast. He's been sleeping a lot today so I had a very short time in which to coerce some modeling. I thought I'd be pushing my luck with his happiness factor if I tried to change his shirt first. So he's wearing the knitted sleeves *over* regular sleeves.

Here's how I "designed" them:

Roughly measure upper arm. My yarn/needle combination gets me five stitches per inch. The Beast's upper arm was something like seven inches. So 35 stitches, except that I needed a multiple of four to get the 2x2 ribbing. Knowing that wool stretches, I went with 32 stitches. In the round I knit seven rows of ribbing (basically, until it looked good enough). THen I knit in stockinette until it was long enough to reach his thumb (something like 41 rows, I think). Then I stopped knitting in the round (though still using circulars) and knit back and forth in ribbing for about four rows (until the hole looks big enough for a baby thumb). Joining back into the round, I knit about four more rows of ribbing and then voila! You're done!

I've never written out directions for knittine before, so I apologize if that was gibberish. (:

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  1. These turned out so great! My daughter always gets so cold wearing short sleeves in winter so I made her a pair of fingerless gloves a while back to and they come up to her elbow but I love how these seem to go right up under his shirt. So cute :) Merry Christmas!