Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flight of the Hawk by G. R. Grove

This is the second book in the Storyteller series. While I enjoyed the first book, Storyteller, this book really blew me away. Was it because the characters were already familiar? I don't know, but when I started reading this novel, it felt like coming home.

I found the characters to be real enough to touch and the emotions charged and believable. I do not often get emotional with books - but this one got me. Sadness, anger, joy. This book is truly alive. The pace is active enough to keep the reader interested, but not so speedy that you can't put the book down for an hour or even a day when the need arises.

I agree that this book seems much more plot-driven than it's predecessor. The characters have a purpose - a beginning and ending point, though the story clearly could go on for many more books. I felt that Neirin's task set by Taliesin wasn't wholly completed, though that could have been because I was more interested in the personal aspects of the story rather than the political.

This was a great book and I look forward to reading more by G. R. Grove in the future

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