Friday, July 17, 2009

Undead and Unwelcome by MaryJanice Davidson

Betsy is returning the body of her friend Antonia to her pack. She and Sinclair are unsure of the welcome they will receive. Meanwhile, Marc is left at the mansion with Tina and Laura. Satanists have started following Laura around, begging to do her bidding. Marc suggests a crazy plan and the Devil's daughter begins to slide into darkness.

Is it just me or are these books getting shorter with each new addition? I read this in a few hours. What's up with that? It's unnatural to begin and finish a book whilt the Imp is napping. Anyway, the book was enjoyable enough. I seem to be drawn into the story despite how much I dislike them. The tone of the writing is too casual and irks me to no end. The characters are annoying and usually vapid. The plot is rinse-repeat to an extent. And yet, I read each new book as it comes out.

If you're looking for an extremely quick vampy read, this series is for you - just prepare yourself for some eye rolling, especially when it comes to the very cliched Betsy.

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