Monday, June 8, 2009

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

First, I want to thank my dear friend Brianna for introducing me to this series. It has been a joy and I look forward to each new book.

Harry is still trying to expose the Black Council while surviving the myriad things that go bump in the night and seem to always be out to get him. This time Morgan is in trouble and Harry needs to bail him out.

I think this was one of the best books in this series. The characters are all so formed and real at this point. Unlike the previous book, this one is less hack-and-slash and more oh-my-god-emotions-and-relationships (with a fair amount of hack-and-slash, of course). Molly has grown into a fun character and I look forward to seeing how she fares in the future. Thomas has been one of my favorite characters since his introduction and this book was not kind to him. All "my authors" seem to be beating my favored characters with their own arms these days. Rest assured that when the next novel comes out, I'm going to immediately snatch it up and devour it whole just to learn more about Thomas.

The evolution of this series has been absolutely amazing and I sincerely look forward to finding out what Jim Butcher cooks up next.

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