Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuck by Steven Lawhead

This is the third and final novel in the King Raven Trilogy by Steven Lawhead. I will admit that when I began this book, I was unclear in memory of exactly what had happened in the previous novel Scarlet. There are enough hints in the form of a song/poem at the beginnings of chapters to refresh the memory, though.

In this book Rhi Bran and his Grellon are still in the greenwood fighting to retake Elfael. Bran travels with Friar Tuck to the northern Cymry to try and raise an army. Merian has other plans to help the Grellon gather men. Things come to a head when King William and Baron Neufmarche join the fray.

I wish I could have read these books one right after the other. The continuity would have been nice. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The ending was.. I don't know.. less exciting than I hoped for. King William's sudden desire for peace didn't seem realistic. He had rejected the idea outright in London but had a change of heart in a confessional in Elfael? It doesn't ring true to me. Still, a great book and a great trilogy.

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