Thursday, April 23, 2015

Work In Progress

This is what has been consuming my time.

Which will eventually be this. Except that I'll mess up the face/eyes. Because I *always* do.

Okay. That and an amigurumi Sailor Moon doll I've been working on (that hair. evil, i tell you. eeeeeeevil). And reading. And playing ArcheAge. And watching anime. And teaching the Imp the alphabet. And trying to get rid of a flea infestation. Ugh.

Yes. So that is me right now.


  1. Oh my. The baby Umbreon is going to be adorable. My kids love all things Pokemon and I have to get back to finishing the Pikachu and Pichu that I've had as a work in progress for ages. I hate doing faces since mine always end up not looking right.

  2. aaaaah fleas! One of the horrors of existence!

  3. The baby dragon is super cute!...and YIKES about the fleas...I hope that goes well...

    ~Have a lovely day!