Friday, January 24, 2014


Something happened to my back and I've been in excruciating pain for many days now. It's insane and nothing helps. Supporting my lower back with a pillow when I sit in chairs eases the pain a little. Because of that, B bought me a (rather expensive in my opinion) new chair for my birthday. When I'm using the computer I usually sit in a wooden kitchen chair, this one is a definite improvement.

I meant to post at least once a week but pain has a way of derailing plans. Better late than never, right? For better or worse, I mostly took pictures of some of our cats.

Three boys plus perler beads equals total happiness (or fighting over colors. It's a toss up).

My new chair, complete with Beast.

Eddy. His thirteenth birthday was on the 17th - ten days before mine. He's the only cat we have with a known birthday.

Erasmus James Flattery. Better known as Ras. This picture sums up how weird she is. Perching on small electronics? Totally normal.. right?

Pilot looking like a bobble head. The box my chair came in is wildly popular among all the critters.

Ramses. My old man. He's cross eyed, nearly toothless, and the sweetest cat I've ever known.

Faustus (though we just call him Faust) with a side of Pilot, Surreal, and Calcifer.

Ishtar. Neurotic and beautiful. Because cats are all weird in their own ways.

That's it. Beyond moaning in pain I've been reading books, carding fiber, and milking this "it's almost my birthday" thing for all it's worth (this mostly amounts to having extra coffee). Happy Friday!


  1. I do hope your back is better soon Melissa. I don't have back issues, but Mike broke his back years ago and now suffers for it even after all these years.
    Happy, happy birthday to you! I love birthday's and I hope you have the best day letting your guys spoil you!

  2. Sounds like you herniated a disc. I did that and it's quite painful and nothing works. Keep a straight back and good posture. PT helped but there's those copays for the treatments... Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Happy birthday!!!! On my ipad and couldn't add to the first comment.

  4. Poor back! That part about "excruciating pain" gives me worry.

    Mamie spends so much time on the wifi router in the hall that we call it "the Mamie Warmer."