Thursday, August 15, 2013

Because I was silent again.

Regular updating is just not my thing right now, I guess.

The Elf's birthday gifts (except for the actual surprise one that he doesn't know about and isn't done yet. Ack!):

Legend of Zelda triforce hat (knit entirely from handspun). Details here.

Halo spartans. Details here.

I've been dyeing like crazy, too. I'm hoping for an update to the shop tonight or tomorrow. Here's a peek:

I've also been dyeing bits for rolags (or mini batts, I haven't decided yet) for October's Phat Fiber box). Sunday is the Elf's eleventh birthday and I have to admit that i'm a little freaked out about all of the emotional (and physical) changes going on there. Next month is the Imp's fifth birthday. I'm working on an intarsia Captain America sweater for him. It's.. frustrating. On top of that I'm participating in a spin along and a test knit. I also need to figure out our homeschool plan for the year. But yeah, I thrive on chaos.


  1. Oh yes, preteen boys are in a class all its own. Just remember to 'exhale' and know that it's just a stage and will pass...promise.
    All the boys are getting so big and I wish the Elf the happiest of birthdays.
    You have been so busy and I love that you thrive on chaos!

  2. So good to see what you've been up to! Blogging is always there when you are in the mood.

  3. Hah- thriving on chaos- I'm so there. I love your little mans hat- just great!

  4. happy birthday to your boy and to you mama! such a cute hat! and yes, that chaos, it is just a temporary thing...they do grow up :)

  5. I think blogging women are cut from the same cloth. We juggle it all and part of the joy of blogging is sharing what we're up to, chaos and all! I laughed at your "freaking out over puberty" line. My boy is 8 and has gotten SO tall...with so many questions and I just imagine what the next few years will bring. Phew!