Thursday, August 9, 2012

Adventures in Blending.

I've done it. I've finally gone beyond just carding raw fiber. Now it's time to make this drum carder earn it's keep.

My set up.

The blended batt still on the carder.

These are the three colors I mixed. I was going for a tribute to Aang. But the yellow and blue combined more than I expected. This was my first attempt, after all.

I used a diz to pull the fiber off the drum as roving.

This is one I did today. It's a combination of lavender, apple green, and saddle brown. I was going for something that felt like a field of lavender bushes. But the brown took over more than expected.

And here they are spun (before setting the twist). I'm thinking that I'll name them "Melted Crayons" and "Lavender Fields" when I list them on Etsy. I've been weighing everything and making notes so that I can recreate blends in case I ever need/want to make more of something.


  1. Okay Melissa, now I am throughly envious! I really must get down your way so you can so me all your great toys! The yarns you are turning out look fantastic.

  2. Lovely and beautiful-it makes me appreciate all the yarn I have here and what was involved to create it.