Sunday, March 12, 2017

New day, new diagnosis

B has talked to the specialist doctor guy who is supposedly the best in his field in the Southeastern United States. Probably not the uber rare bone disease/disorder/condition/thing.

They're doing a biopsy right now. Or maybe they're done by now. I don't know. If nothing weird shows up, they'll do whatever surgical thing they can and move on from there.

Worried about the idea of a spica cast. Not sure how to manage.. all the things. Getting him home, bodily functions, keeping him from losing his mind with not being able to move. But we'll do what we can as we can.

Today's goals include: buying the promised ender dragon toy for when we see him again and procuring actual real food for those of us still at home. I'm finding all manner of simple things very difficult to do but I suppose that's to be expected.

Positive thoughts for my Beast are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Oh wow I am behind! Home Health (and the social workers before you leave the hospital) are a huge help getting together everything you'll need. I'm catching up, but know that all my positive energy is headed your way.